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Guitar Basics: A Beginners Guide To Playing Guitar

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The Only Guitar Lesson You'll Ever Need. I help musicians like you go from overwhelmed about what and how to practice, compose, or produce, to feeling like a Rockstar so that you can perform entire pieces of music flawlessly. Continue To Study And Master The Instrument On Your Own After Completing This Course. In this video course I cover all the essentials of the guitar that will give you the foundation of fundamentals to continue self study and practice independently. 1. Are you a guitar player looking for a way to improve your skills, have the ability to play anything you want without having to practice for 10,000 hours? 2. I've discovered a system to understand the guitar easily and permanently that will produce results for you in just 7 classes. Here’s how it works… 3. My name is Kevin Zugschwert. I’m a Musician, Composer, and Music Teacher with over 30 years experience. I’ve taught hundreds of students in private lessons online and here in my home studio in Colorado 4. I was exactly where you are right now…and I’ll show you what I did to achieve advanced level abilities on the guitar 5. After taking my course you’ll be able to visualize the fretboard once and for all. This will open up the entire world of repertoire to you. You can work on and perform any song you choose. You’ll be able to practice and study on your own after these lessons !!!Join my course NOW to get started!!! Click the link below to dive in now (ONLY $47 FOR 7 Classes, Plus 8 Downloadable Tabs)

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