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1. Margarita Polarized Tactical Sunglasses Men's Hunting Shooting Glasses Airsoft UV400 Protective Desert Army Military Goggles 4 Lenses
2. Black lens---100% polarization and UV protection. Can block the glare. Filter harmful rays. Suitable for long-term cycling. And other outdoor sports. Like fishing, hiking...
3.Transparent lens and Copper lens---clear high-definition lens. 95% of the light passes through. It can be used in places where the light is not too strong. It can also be used as goggles for life. Does not affect the light and protects the eyes.
4.Yellow lens---HD yellow lens. Unbreakable, it can enhance the light. See more clearly at night. Suitable for cycling or hunting at night...

Product information:
Item: C5 Tactical Goggles
Frame material: polyurethane
Lens material: polycarbonate
Lens width: 7cm
Lens height: 4cm
Frame color: black
Lens color: black, color, yellow, transparent
Lens properties: 1 piece of polarized (optional) or non-polarized glasses, 1 piece of anti-glare, 1 piece of UVA/UVB, 1 piece of night vision (decorative)
Note: Only polarized glasses with black lenses are polarized.

The package includes:
1.4* lens group, the lens can be easily replaced (adapted to different climates and environments)
2.1 * Sports strap
3.1 * Portable soft lens pouch
4.1*Cleaning cloth
5.1 * Hard glasses case

Daisy C5 Goggles Riding Glasses Night Vision Sand-proof Motorcycle Windshield

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